Dental Sticks

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500g tub and 120g pouches of delicious tail wagging soft & tender treats. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, and perfect for pups from six months old. 


-Supports dental health

– Breath freshening

-Reduce tartar and plaque build up

– No artificial colors & flavours

-Enriched with calcium, vitamins & minerals



Corn starch, milk powder (lactose reduced), processed animal protein, humectants, vegetable protein extracts, fats & oils, palatability enhancer, various sugars, thickening agents, (spear/pepper) mint, minerals, teeth cleaning agent, colorant, vitamins and preservatives. 


Crude Protein 220g (min)

Moisture 185g (max)

Total Fat 55g (min)

Crude Fibre 10g (max)

Crude Ash 50g (max)

Calcium 12.5g (max)

Phosphorus 9g (max)