How to keep your dog in tip top condition.

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How to keep your dog in tip top condition.

A healthy ruff means a happy woof – Here are some tips on how to keep your dog in tip top condition

Want to make sure your dog stays fit and healthy with that added wag in his tail and spring in his step? The best way to ensure that your fur friend is happy and healthy is to adopt a regular health check that is quick and easy; and which can also help detect any issues before they become howling problems.

Make the vet your dog’s friend

It goes without saying that regular vet visits should never be forgotten to maintain your dog’s health. It’s also very important to make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date to protect them from illness and disease. You should also get give your dog a flea treatment and worming tablets on a regular basis to keep them parasite free.

Tail-wagging nutrition

A good diet is also an essential part of keeping your dog healthy. Choosing a high quality, complete dog food, will provide your dog with all the nutrients they require.

We all love to treat our dogs. It sometimes almost impossible to resist their adorable puppy dog eyes. However, no matter how much you want to, you need to make sure you don’t feed your dog too many treats. Click here for a complete list of our baked treats that are jam packed with nutritional goodness and toothsome flavours.

Weighty matters

Weigh your dog on a regular basis so that you can keep an eye on their weight. Sometimes it can be difficult to notice weight changes just by looking at your dog. You should be able to feel your dog’s ribs but not see them.

Check to see if their stomach is tucked up behind their ribcage. If your dog is around about the right weight, they should have an hourglass figure.

Bark in the park

Dogs also need a substantial amount of exercise in order to stay at an optimum weight.

Obviously one of the best things you can do to keep your dog fit is to take them on regular walks. Make sure you are walking them for the correct amount of time based on their breed, age and size. Most dogs need at least one long walk a day. Some of the more energetic breeds needs at least two long walks a day. Walks are crucial for dogs so that they can stretch their legs, burn off some energy and keep their mind active. If your dog is getting a bit overweight, try and increase the time you walk them for on a daily basis.

Play time is paw-some!

Playing with toys is another fantastic way of keeping your dog active. They can get rid of quite a lot of energy simply by jumping around with their favourite toy.

Playing tug of war and retrieval games with your dog is a good way to tire them out. If your dog loves to fetch a ball you can play this at home in your garden, around your house or out on walks.

If you have an enclosed garden, then letting your dog play and run around outside will help to keep them active. Let your dog out in the garden at regular intervals throughout the day. You can also go outside and play games with them such as hide and seek, fetch, tug of war and recall games.

Regular checks for your little woofers

It’s a good idea to check your dog on a regular basis for anything that might be out of the ordinary. Feel their entire body for any lumps and bumps – they’ll love you for the attention. Check that their eyes are clear and healthy, their ears are clean and free from infection and their teeth are clean and not causing any discomfort.

Keeping your companion healthy means a happy chappy with a shiny coat who will be your faithful buddy for years to come, so do your health checks regularly, you’re best friends after all!

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